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When you come online, where do you find content that makes you feel restful?

The team at Verily is all too familiar with the feelings of fatigue that follow a social media scroll. Whether you're limiting your social media intake or thinking about giving it all up, can we inspire you to subscribe to our email? 

Delivered on Fridays, this newsletter is more than just a roundup of our articles—it includes a community discussion section that fosters conversations among women about things that really matter, articles from other publications around the web, and more. Check out a sample edition here.

Pause, exhale, and consider it your invitation to take a break. Subscribe below.

Help support a sustainable publication that’s true to your values

In the current media climate, it’s not enough for publications to rely on ads for revenue. Like so many other publications, we’ve turned to readers to ensure our longevity.

In lieu of a paywall, however, we created Verily Yours—exclusive online content that can play an active role in your daily life. By subscribing, you’re not only purchasing a product; you become a more active partner in our mission to empower women to be less of who they should be, more of who they are. Your subscription equips us to expand our efforts to get Verily in print.

Currently, the Verily Yours subscription is online only. A Verily Yours membership provides you with access to a collection site of content including Verily Table, Verily Cents, Verily Work, and Verily Home. Click here to learn more about these offerings. Subscribe for $60/year or for $7.99/month