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If you missed our live virtual event last week, watch our recording here of our fascinating discussion on how to stay true to yourself in a distracting world. 


  • Mary Rose Somarriba, editor in chief of Verily Magazine
  • Haley Stewart, author of Jane Austen's Genius Guide to Life
  • Laura Vanderkam, author of Tranquility by Tuesday 
  • Christine Emba, columnist at the Washington Post and author of Rethinking Sex
  • Amanda De Jesus, contributing writer of Natural Womanhood
  • Blanca Morales, contributing writer of Verily Magazine

We also made a pretty big announcement in this event: 

Verily is coming to mailbox near you, as as a quarterly magazine in 2023!

Join us in celebrating our return to print by pre-ordering a 2023 subscription to Verily Magazine! Once subscribed, see the order thank-you page for an opportunity to get $5 off your order of our stand-alone special 10th anniversary edition of Verily before the year's end—while supplies last.

You asked for it; we're delivering. We hope you'll join us and support our work to further the reach of healthy, relatable, and inspiring women's media. Subscribe today.