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 In recent years, we’ve seen millennials search for more traditional styles, such as cottage-core or the “Grand Millennial” Decor that brought back chintz and needlepoint. Call it nostalgia for simpler days or a yearning for slow living, but we are seeing a shift toward traditionalism from wardrobes to hobbies to interiors. A far departure from the “Hot Girl Summer” trend of last summer, this year it’s all about being comfortable, elegant and understated.

Who is the Coastal Grandmother, you ask?

The aesthetic is inspired by Diane Keaton’s character in “Something’s Gotta Give”, as well as women such as Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey’s at-home style. More than a character or fashion statement, the Coastal Grandmother phenomenon evokes an entire lifestyle. Think long strolls collecting sea shells and all the things that make us dream of an early retirement:

leisurely walks in town, visits to the farmer’s market to shop for the day’s meal, cooking dinner for guests, beach picnics, or reading in the garden with a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

The “Coastal Grandmother” is dressed in a way that’s more relaxed than the quintessential New England preppy look. With its loose silhouette, the look is simple and easy to achieve, making it all the more loved—so many celebrities and influencers are expressing their approval for this style. Influencer Mary Orton shared, “TFW your lifelong coastal grandmother vibe becomes trendy.” And Anne Hathaway posted her take, hoping that this “moment never end.”

The soft, neutral colors (sandy beige, pale blue, sea-foam white, seashell pink) are a breeze to mix and match making it ideal for a minimalist work-from-home capsule. Thanks to lightweight fabrics, the style is effortless. When shopping for your pieces, look for organic cotton, linen and gauze. These are not only timeless but the most breathable for those hot days under the sun. Speaking of sun…a wide-brimmed hat is a must for sun protection and style.

This style is a tribute to older generations, and millennials now find themselves reaching for their grandmother’s hand-me-downs. But one doesn’t need to be a grandmother or of a certain generation to acquire the look. This one is for all those who long for ultimate comfort in well-made staples.

Here are our top picks to get that “I-live-in-a-Hamptons-Beach-House” look:

Trip to the Farmer's Market


01. Tuckernut, $70 / 02. Everlane, $80 / 03. Banana Republic, $44 / 04. Talbots, $89 / 05. Jack Rogers, $80 / 06. Ever Thrift, $55 / 07. Ever Thrift, $70 

Drape the striped sweater over your shoulders, and choose between one of two woven market bags to fill with fresh blooms and garden-fresh veggies! 

Reading on the Porch


01. L.L. Bean, $34 / 02. Tuckernuck, $99 / 03. Kiel James Patrick, $28 / 04. Nordstrom, $59 / 05. Soludos, $75

For a more minimalistic look, swap out the striped tee for a classic white tee. If it gets chilly, toss on a cozy basketweave sweater, and no matter what, don't forget to have a chilled refreshment on hand!   

Casual Dinner 


01. Nordstrom, $58 / 02. Land's End, $50 / 03. J.McLaughlin, $198 / 04. Kiel James Patrick, $58 / 05. Kiel James Patrick, $48 / 06. Tuckernuck, $155

Beach Lounging Look 


01. Banana Republic, $25 / 02. J.Crew, $69 / 03. Old Navy, $35 / 04. Martha, $40 / 05. Lilla P, $128 / 06. J.Crew, $69

Collect seashells in this casual beach look. Easily swap out the shorts for a pair of breezy 100-percent cotton pants or, for a more romantic twist, put on a flowy dress. 

The Diane Keaton 

OutfitMoodboard_07062022-6 (1)

01. Gap, $30 / 02. Filomena Fernandez, $122 / 03. Uniqlo, $10 / 04. L.L. Bean, $45 / 05. J.Crew, $74

Diane Keaton's laidback, classic aesthetic in the 2003 film Something's Gotta Give is one of the main inspirations for the Coastal Grandmother look—in fact, Keaton acknowledged the trend on Instagram! Our inspiration wouldn't be complete without a look dedicated to her. 

Strolling on the Boardwalk


01. Everlane, $30 / 02. Mango, $30 / 03. Lilla P, $119 / 04. Madewell, $57

Sweep your pashmina over your shoulders, and go for a sunset walk on the boardwalk—Anne Hathaway would. 

Find more inspiration for your coastal grandmother summer with these looks!