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Given the stunning overturn of the landmark court case Roe v. Wade, we decided to do a little something different. First—if you haven't had a chance to read up on the news yet, let our latest installment of While You Were Out remedy that for you. Second, we invite you to take a pause from shrill media and read some of the human stories of women who have been intimately affected by unplanned pregnancies, abortion, and pregnancy loss. Below are just ten we’ve published at Verily. We invite you to read them this week, and if they move you, share them with others.

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I Thought There Was a Simple Solution to an Unwanted Pregnancy, But I Was Wrong


An Unplanned Pregnancy and Women's Progress


In Her Shoes: Experiencing Loss Through Abortion


Mother and Athlete: The Olympics Story You Haven’t Heard


I’ve Had an Abortion, and It Wasn’t Anything Like Scandal’s Christmas Episode


The Mishandled Crisis Pregnancy That Made Me Question the Abortion Industry


Remembering the Loss in Pregnancy Loss


A Human Story of an Abortion Worker


My Unexpected Pregnancy Turned Out Better Than Everyone Expected


Motherhood Didn't Ruin My Life, It Made It Better