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As the last bit of summer warmth gives way to cooler temperatures, we’ll be wanting to cozy up to some hot apple cider as we watch a good movie. If that film has some good fashion moments, all the better to inspire our outfits this season!

Though some flicks streaming online seem to offer the same ol’ plot, I was looking to watch something with a different storyline. Enter Age of Adaline.

Thanks to Hulu, I found plenty of styling cues from this film, in which Blake Lively plays a 107-year-old young woman who never aged a day past 29. Lively’s character, Adaline Bowman, is the sufferer of an unusual natural phenomenon, but she is definitely not a fashion victim. Lively, who is a notable fashionista in her own right, contributed to the styling of the film. Here, she reminds us that—long after her days on Gossip Girl—she can still curate looks that are noteworthy.

In Age of Adaline, we follow Lively's character from the early 1900s to the present day where she rocks the best of each fashion era. What I love most of all is her character’s present-day outfits in which she combines vintage pieces from her past into her modern wardrobe, resulting in eclectic looks that are anything but kitschy. The costume designer, Angus Strathie, shows us how to mix and match vintage pieces from different decades in ways that can be easily imitated by modern women. The result is a style lesson of which all of us can use reminding: retro styling can be woven seamlessly into our everyday looks.

Here are some of Adaline’s memorable outfits and how to combine vintage pieces with our existing wardrobe staples.

Look #1: Classic and polished

Hayle 2 (11)

Looking for answers to her condition, Adaline wanders through a university hall looking polished, yet comfortable. It's a look that can be translated into our own lives, whether we are at the office or sitting in English class. A classic short-sleeve sweater and timeless ankle length trousers with ballet flats or loafers are the basis of this look. Modernize a vintage sweater by wearing dark denim instead of dress pants.

Verily Tip: Banana Republic’s Sloan-Fit skinny ankle pants are perfect for this look because of their slim-straight fit leg and length. And J.Crew’s leather ballet flats are an incredibly comfortable combo.

Look #2: Love at first sight

Adaline wasn’t wearing a revealing outfit when she caught the eye of the handsome leading man. She was dressed in a patterned vintage dress, a cardigan, and high-heeled mary janes as she taught herself to read Braille. Her ladylike looks in the film would often turn heads, and her intellectual nature engaged those she encountered.

Verily Tip: Boden and ModCloth offer great patterned dresses that have a slight retro style to them. However, finding an actual vintage dress will set you apart from everyone else around you, as some of them are custom-made. Pair a floral '90s dress with ladylike heels or top a '60s dress with a jean jacket to diversify the look.

Look #3: Versed in versatility

Hayle 2 (12)

Adaline, who works as a library clerk in the Bay area is seen in an olive midi skirt paired with a cozy turtleneck and an early '70s coat, while her hair is twisted back in a 40s-style pony. In another scene the same skirt is topped with an embroidered 1920s coat, proving how she can curate a look that transcends time. By mixing different eras, one can curate a unique outfit that expresses all range of style interests.

Verily Tip: A vintage coat can be worn in so many ways: pair them with jeans, or wear them over a little black dress; however you wear it, it can elevate the look.

It’s all in the details

Don’t have vintage clothing? Adding little elements of retro style can give your look a more classic vibe. Pair a black turtleneck or simple LBD with pinned back waves and statement earrings, or use a silk scarf on your hair for a 1960s ‘do.

When it comes to adding a subtle vintage flair to our look, less is more. Unless the goal is to look straight out of the past, try adding just one or two retro elements—hair, clothing, or accessories—to your basics.

If you tried out any of these looks, we’d love to see your creations! Tag us and share with #VerilyStyle.