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This week at Verily, our articles explore themes of discerning what is the right avenue for you, which may not be the path you've always taken in the past, the path others prescribe, or the path you imagined. 

Of course, we must pipe in about Simone Biles and the Olympics. While many opinions have been aired over the past week since the greatest gymnast of all time took a step back from the competition in Tokyo, there is no doubt she took steps hitherto unimaginable for the sport where pushing athletes to abusive levels of self-sacrifice have long been the norm. In an article this week, Margaret Brady discusses Biles's leadership in forging this new path.

Then there are areas of our lives where it can feel like it's just "expected" to take a certain route. We share articles touching on topics that require discernment for the personally tailored best choice, such as whether it's the right season in your life to pursue home ownership or to rent; a stay-at-home mom's reflection on how she came to embrace the lifestyle she hadn't necessarily imagined for herself; and an essay by Lindsay Weishar about how to grow in deep listening to better understand cultures other than our own. 

And in the guilty-pleasure department, Aimee King shares a roundup of made-for-TV films featuring Haylie Duff, a heroine for such unpredictable if silly storylines, you would never expect how delightful they could be.

We hope you find these offerings worth your read this week. Are there times in your life when what you discerned was right for you was still much misunderstood by others? Don't hesitate to send us your story at