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As producers of a digital publication, we at Verily are aware of the cacophony of outlets competing for readers' attention. Publications today are struggling to produce quality content while keeping up their reader numbers and revenue, all in a noisy online landscape that rewards shock-value and quick clicks. 

Just recently at Verily, we disabled an ad service that began appearing under our articles as an automated update by our website host. The ads were distracting from what Verily aspires to be—a hiatus where readers can find content that makes women feel more authentically who they are, and less what they should do, say, and consume to "measure up" to Sisyphean standards of beauty, accomplishment, you name it. While these discordant ads were certainly attention-getting and generate revenue from the clicks, to us, it is not worth it to distract from our goal to be a place where you can find respite from the noise elsewhere on the web. (And if you want to support us financially, you can always do so by becoming a member of Verily Yours, supporting our work while gaining access to an online portal of exclusive content aimed to simplify the everyday activities of meal prep, home design, finance, and work life.)

This week at Verily, our new articles reflect on this mission of being a respite rather than a contributor to the noise. Psychotherapist Carly Graham shares the basics of setting boundaries to preserve self-care, and contributing writer Lindsey Weishar explores the importance of fostering silence in our daily lives. Marriage therapist Kelsey Chun explains how to discern if the person you love is the right fit for marriage—which, let's be honest, requires some quiet reflection. Lastly, Katie Clarey shares the importance of avoiding over-information, in particular during the vulnerable postpartum period of women's lives.

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