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Sometimes we just need to make a change. Whether things are feeling stagnant, or so busy we're nearing burnout, or just not quite optimal and we see room for improvement, implementing change in our lives doesn't just happen overnight. It takes time to reflect to even have an inkling of the direction the change should take.

At Verily, we aim to provide the kind of content that provides occasions for reflection amid the busyness of our hyperconnected world, to feel more in touch with our most genuine selves, and better equipped to make tailored decisions that help us live our best lives. This week, we provide some pieces that touch on life changes some of us feel called to make—whether it's to consider scaling back on our weekend social engagements for a breather, connecting more with our local area by adjusting our means of transportation, or to decide with one's spouse to try for another child. Sometimes we're so locked in to how we've been doing things it wouldn't even occur to us to consider a different path—until the moment when a friend mentions it as a possibility, and the marinating begins. We hope this week's articles provide some food for thought. 

What areas in your life have you felt called to pivot from your modus operandi? Send us an email at We'd love to hear from you.