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This week at Verily, we are exploring the areas of life in which we might feel inadequate, and countering any false mental scripts with a healthy shot of reality. 

Sophia Martinson discusses the concept of if only thinking and how to differentiate between unhealthy views and actual true goals we might want to strive for. Eating-disorder recovery expert Christie Dondero Bettwy shares insights on how to counter unhealthy thinking about food intake, which is a valuable read for anyone in your life struggling with self-image and nutrition. Madeline Fry Schultz shares insights on how the Photoshop and Facetune culture prevalent on social media is affecting our body image. 

Then there are the scripts women are told as they pursue different ambitions. This week, Margaret Brady shares the devastating and limiting messages women are sold when they're seeking advancement in sports, touching on recent stories from Olympic and student athletes who say they are given the impression they must end their pregnancies with abortion to qualify for competitions or sponsorship money.

What false scripts do you find most prevalent in your life? Contact us at