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It's safe to say there's a lot of crap out there today—bad additives in products, bad relationship advice, bad influences in media and online—sadly, the list goes on. 

But the good news is it's not all bad. This week at Verily, we turn our focus to topics where we can choose with intention what we consume, whether one is seeking the best skin care product for summer, a positive social-media experience, or a healthy and lasting relationship.

Alexandra DeSanctis shares book recommendations for engagement that helped her and her newlywed husband prepare for marriage. Katie Clarey distills dermatologists' insights to simplify your sunscreen-aisle experience. Melanie Wilcox surveys what we can learn from Chrissy Teigen's recently revealed online toxic behavior. And we also have a positive movie roundup for you as well. 

What have you begun to consume with greater intention in your life, and how has it made a difference? If you feel inspired to write an article about it, reach out to us at