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Women's media is chockfull of advice—from what products to buy, to how to organize your life, and of course, tips for our relationships. Sometimes advice is helpful, but it's been our experience that women know what they need most. Our tagline "Less of who you should be, more of who you are" reflects our desire to publish content that helps women live the life she desires and is called free of the pressure to buy, say, or do something she's not. 

One of the ways that mission is reflected at Verily is through our 'Readers Write' columns. These articles, written by Verily readers, share stories and experiences about dating, marriage, motherhood, and daily life. Instead of telling you what we think you should do in your relationships and life, it's our hope that these stories allow you to draw your own conclusions about what you desire in your relationships and daily life. 

This week at Verily we're featuring submissions from each of our 'Readers Write' columns. 'Dating Unscripted' and 'When She Knew' tell stories from women making sense of their dating lives and discernment of marriage. 'Making of a Mom' tells stories from readers about how becoming a mother can help women become more of who they are. 'At Home with Her' and 'Travel with a Local' let women tell us about their favorite spaces in their home or hometown. 

And we want to hear from you, too. Consider submitting to one of our 'Readers Write' columns here