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This week at Verily, we're focusing on the little areas of daily routines that could use a little nudge in a better direction. 

We all need to wash our clothes, restock on home items, spend some amount of time online, and stay on top of our physical and mental health on a daily basis, but even mundane tasks can add up to a sense of drudgery. In this week's articles, we tackle small daily tasks like these, and how we can make them easier and less stressful.

Lindsay Schlegel writes on how we can wash the dread out of our laundry experience. Monica Burke shares mindless ways to add SPF to your daily routine to protect your skin and health. Tatiana Quiroga offers tips on engaging in the gift economy to reduce waste and meet the needs of your home. And Margaret Brady shares how many people are tip-toeing into facing mental health needs via Insta-therapists, that is, psychotherapist influences we're seeing more of on social media these days. 

We hope you'll find these articles insightful and uplifting for your everyday. What other areas of daily life would you like to see simplified these days? Tell us at