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As areas of our lives are starting to open up again—whether we're on a summer break from school, starting to go back into in-person offices again, or planning travel—there are many reasons to believe this summer isn't going to be just like the ones of our past. This is going to be the one where things are starting to get back to normal after the myriad losses of a global pandemic.

In the articles this week at Verily, we explore ways to make a smooth transition into the best summer for you—including some new summer routines to consider, tips on returning to face-to-face socializing, and a solid beach-read author read for your binge-reading pleasure. 

We also feature two articles written by therapists with worthwhile considerations as we step out of pandemic-affected lifestyles. One article reflects on how the concept of acceptance can assist us in overcoming any challenge we face, including pandemic-associated anxieties. Another article shares tidbits of wisdom from trauma recovery literature that can accompany us as we start to fill up our schedules again—exercising our social muscles again, while avoiding burnout.

Wherever you are in your approach to summer, we hope these articles offer a moment to reflect on what is the best pace for you—whether you're headed to the beach or the coffee shop.