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This week at Verily, we turn the focus on some of the tougher areas of personal challenge that women face in the world today—whether navigating work environments, dating relationships, or our personal media consumption where it can seem like the messaging around us is ever influencing us toward narrow, inauthentic scripts.

Whether one is single, mingling, dating, or married, it can feel like there are ever present challenges to find one’s own authentic path amid a flurry of pressures. An essential aspect of maintaining our sense of integrity begins with having healthy boundaries, as author Patty Breen explains in an article this week drawing from her personal experience. From there, we can be better equipped for healthy relationships, whether at work, in dating life, with our spouse, and with others in our community. We can be better prepared to decide our own limits when it comes to sexual behavior, as an article by Lindsay Weishar discusses this week. And with a little preparation, we can be better equipped to choose the best path for ourselves at momentous times such as having a baby and deciding, do I breastfeed or bottle-feed? Lactation consultant Cassondra Moriarty offers tips that can help moms no matter which they choose.

We hope you enjoy these and our other articles this week. What other modern challenges are you experiencing that you’d like us to cover at Verily? Shoot us a note at