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As it turns out, precisely what is on your to-do list matters as much as your ability to get through it.

We tend to think of our to-do lists as our taskmasters, telling us what we have to do in order to feel like we’ve done something with our day. It’s true that to-do lists can help us be productive by keeping us focused on what needs to be done (and ensuring that we don’t forget any vital tasks), and that role can’t be overlooked.

However, life’s too short to have dreary, un-fun to-do lists governing our hours each and every day. There’s also a certain level of stress that can sometimes get attached to our to-do lists—just looking at your list can feel like a monumental task in itself!

That’s why we’re proposing a simple shift: alongside your non-negotiable, necessary work-and-home tasks, strategically place a few enjoyable or even (dare I say it?) fun “tasks.” This will not only help you stop avoiding your to-do list, but will also make your day a little bit more lovely.


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