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When we think of summer budgeting, the first thing that comes to mind is vacation and all that comes with it. Many of us save throughout the year in order to pay for transportation, lodging, food, and activities once we arrive at our destinations.

But those getaways are usually only a week or two of a much longer season. Back at home, day-to-day expenses can look different in summertime in ways we may not necessarily plan for—or even think about until later. Here are a couple of places you might find your cash flow changing as the days get longer.


You’ve likely noticed that cold brew coffee tends to be more expensive than iced coffee, which tends to be more expensive than hot coffee. The difference may be less than a dollar, but over the course of three or four months, that can add up. Why so pricey? Cold brew and iced coffee are more expensive to make, plus they require different cups, straws, and a whole lot more napkins. An alternative is making cold brew or iced coffee at home (it’s pretty simple!).


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