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Our lives are full of details. Some details we don't pay much attention to regularly—like the streets we turn on in our daily commutes or the steps that we follow to get dressed, make our morning coffee, and other similar daily routines. Some details we can't afford to miss—like the precise time of an important meeting or the ingredients needed to make our meals. 

Whether it's a detail we're paying attention to or a detail that has become mundane and barely noticeable, there is no denying that details play a vital role in our daily lives.

This week, we're reflecting on how details make all the difference—in our relationships, in our fashion choices, and in our daily lives. A fashion essay looks at how choosing different styles of jeans accentuate or downplay other details of your look. A Dating Unscripted essay reflects on the freedom that comes when one doesn't get too caught up in "what are we doing here?" questions too early in dating. Finally, an essay for our When She Knew column reflects on how a guy friend's detailed observation about who she really was created space for love to develop. 

We want to hear from you, too. When is a time that you or someone else noticed a detail in your life that made all the difference? Let us know here.