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Think with us for a minute: when you were a little girl, did you have a vision of what your life would look like as a grown woman? Maybe you thought you'd be married with kids. Maybe you thought you'd have a booming career and everyone around you would know who you are. 

Perhaps your vision has come true. Perhaps you carefully laid out plans—like what to study in college and when you wanted to get married—and those plans have been actualized. Or perhaps you're still waiting for the right pieces to fall in place for that vision to become a reality. Or perhaps, nothing as gone as planned. 

There's a saying many of us have heard "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." Whether you're a religious person or not, you probably can relate to the sentiment. At some point in our lives, our visions of life, for better or worse, don't go according to our plans. 

This week at Verily we're looking at how we can make sense when life doesn't go as planned. An essay from a woman who has recovered from an eating disorder offers reflections on how to cling less tightly to perfectionism in pursuit of healing. A therapist offers guidance on why and how students should grieve the school year they wanted but didn't have. In our Making of a Mom column, a mother reflects on how losing herself in motherhood helped her find her passions again. Finally, an article reflects on how the pain of rejection can be harnessed for personal growth. 

We want to hear from you, too. When is a time that your plans didn't go as expected but you were able to receive something positive from the unexpected? Tell us here.