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There is a singular joy in buying a well-cared-for used item rather than purchasing the same item new. We save money when spending this way. We also keep items that still have life in them out of landfills, tapping in to the second of the Three Rs that we are always reminded of around Earth Day, that is, reuse.

Contemporary lifestyles tend to rely on a lot of stuff that we don’t totally wear out: clothing and equipment for work, sports, and hobbies; appliances for cooking and cleaning; kids’ toys; and seasonal decorations. Our communities, as well as the internet, are full of means of disposing of these items—or acquiring them—when interests change or seasons of life take their course.

Just as to every thing there is a season, so to every item, there is a second-hand exchange. Here are a few buying and selling resources to help you in your own eco-friendly (and budget-friendly!) shopping journey. Keep in mind that most of the places below sell more than the items suggested; consider this a starting point.

Furniture and outdoor décor


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