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This week, we took time to reflect on our homes and what makes them special. In our weekly “From the Editor’s Desk” column and in our newsletter, we asked Verily readers: “What makes the space you’re living in feel like home?”

Here is a selection of the reflections women shared with us (note: some reflections have been edited for clarity and brevity).


“It's the presence of my family. Home is wherever my husband and daughter and pets are, whether that's our current house or a hotel between military moves.”
– Kristin, Prattville, Alabama

“My apartment became home when I finally put in warm lighting and simple decor that holds sentimental value. My walls are decorated with pictures of places I've been, people I love, and items given to me by my family and friends.”
– Annie, Front Royal, Virginia

“Being able to ‘be me’ in the space makes it feel like home. No walking on eggshells.”
– Linda, Santa Ana, California

“What makes the space I am living in feel like home is its ability to awaken the senses. For example, the smell of a homemade meal, the taste of a nice cup of coffee or tea at my desk before I journal. The sound of the birds chirping outside my window at the same time every morning as the sunshine peeks into the curtain in my bedroom. A comfy place for me to sit and watch a movie with my husband on a regular evening. These little things make a space home. In addition, the comfortability and cozy feels make a place home. For example accent colors, and little pieces of decoration that feel like me and my husband, and help me feel safe, comforted, and protected. For us, a photo of our wedding day and of course a cross to remind us of our faith.”
– Nichelle, Aiea, Hawaii

“The sleepy ambiance of the lights in my bedroom, the home I've made for my plants right outside my window, the constant tiny reminders that I'm living with the person that I adore and cherish.”
– Taylor, St. Petersburg, Florida

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