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Is it just me, or are moms really, really hard to shop for? Whenever I ask my mom what she wants for Mother’s Day (or Christmas or her birthday), she always says “time with you.” Of course, I’m happy to deliver the gift of presence and togetherness! But sometimes you want to give something extra, something meaningful, a tangible “thank you” for all that mothers do. If you are looking to give something from the heart to Mom this year, look no further. We have a few suggestions. . .

Legacy Box: Does your mom treasure the sentimental, like photos and home movies? If you want to digitize your old memories, to keep them safe from disaster and shareable with future generations, consider investing in a Legacy Box. This is a great group gift if you have siblings! This company will convert old reels of film, VHS tapes, slides, prints, and photo negatives to digital files so that you can continue viewing them for years to come. These kits also go on sale now and again, so keep an eye out for a deal! If you can’t afford a Legacy Box at this time, you might also consider scanning and organizing treasured mementos for your mom in your spare time. My future mother-in-law has been scanning and saving important family documents and baby photos, and it is great to be able to share these precious heirlooms at the touch of a button!

Weezie Make-Up Towels: These hotel-quality, cute cotton towels come in dark navy, designed to hide stains and lend a little extra luxury to your day. I like this idea because not only is it useful, it is something your mom can use every single day.

StoryWorth: This company will email your mother or grandmother once a week with thoughtful prompts for them to answer about their lives. All they have to do is reply with the stories they tell. Then, at the end of the year, StoryWorth will bind those stories into a beautiful keepsake book that you can pass onto the next generation! For a fee, you can order additional books, which is a great option for big families. If you upgrade to multiple subscriptions for multiple “storytellers,” all of those stories can be compiled together into one big book, which is great if you want to interview both of your parents or grandparents. It’s a thoughtful way not only to save memories but to get interesting conversations started between the generations.

Audible: This subscription service is a gift that keeps on giving! Audible has expanded its offerings so that a monthly subscription includes one audiobook per month as well as two “Audible originals” from the Plus catalog. There are also “sleep tracks” available only to members, and bedtime stories that are designed to help you relax. You can purchase a subscription for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a whole year, which makes it accessible to every budget. Or, if there is a book that you know your mother would love, you can purchase an individual title and gift it to her Amazon account.

Mother’s Day Tea: For someone who already owns more than enough mugs, gift this themed tea from Harney and Sons! This floral tea with hints of orange has glowing reviews online, and H&S’s signature silk sachets make every cup feel extra indulgent. My mom always says that tea tastes better in bone china; see if you can find a nice teacup at the thrift store or online to give with it! For example, the Royal Albert line is classic. New designs are available in stores, but I am partial to my vintage flower of the month one (you can sometimes find these on eBay or Etsy).

Skylight Frame: This digital photo frame lets family members remotely upload new photos via email or via app. The photos appear in seconds, making this a great way to stay in touch with loved ones who might be far away and do not use social media to keep up with our lives. My grandparents have one and they love it! Consider setting up the frame before you give it to your mom or grandmother, so they can see how it works and enjoy those precious memories right away.

The important thing to remember when shopping for Mother’s Day is that “gratitude” is the word of the day. Whether you give Mom something big or small, or even nothing material at all, the entire point is to take the time to slow down and say “thank you” for everything that our mothers do for us.