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In recent years, conversations about mental health have become more ordinary. Popular culture, research, and personal experiences have helped us all to see the value and benefits of therapy. As it turns out, understanding how our mind works and what that means for our moods, relationships, and personal success in life is complex. 

Friends, family, and self-care practices like journaling, prayer, and reading can help us in our endeavor for good mental health. But many of us at some point in our lives will experience a struggle or a moment in time when we’re in need of professional support to understand, heal, and be transformed for good from our hardship. Many of us might also seek therapy as a preventative measure of sorts—to give us tips for a transition, support through a loss, or wisdom for flourishing in everyday life. We wouldn’t be surprised if there will be a day not too long from now when going to therapy from time to time will be just as ordinary as going to a doctor or dentist. 

This week at Verily we’re exploring the various ways therapy can help us to understand ourselves. One woman shares how EMDR has helped her process trauma and treat her relational OCD. Another woman shares in an essay how long-term therapy has helped her heal, transform, and love others more deeply. An essay from a therapist shares how a common technique in therapy can help us in everyday life. 

We’d love to hear from you, too. Have you had any experience with therapy that made a positive difference in your life? Let us know here.