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These days, opportunities to continue our education abound. While we are fortunate to have such a range of possibilities, the options can be overwhelming. We can choose nearly anything, from casual and informal online classes in pastry arts or floral design to graduate and professional school programs in the humanities or health sciences.

Whether you are looking to add to your current career’s skill set, to journey into a new field, or to simply dabble in an exciting new interest area, here are some recommendations on but a few of the many wonderful options available.

If you want to learn a new skill for a profitable side business, or explore a new hobby for fun:

Learning something new can be just as enriching as it is productive. Investing in our hobbies and self-enrichment can be as much an act of self-care as it is an opportunity to learn something new. Hobbies can reduce stress, increase happiness, and positively contribute to your overall health, according to recent research. Taking an interest in something outside of work just might benefit your career and expand your social and professional networks, too.


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