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My budget has gone through several iterations over the years, and so have my feelings about it—from overwhelm to indifference to enthusiasm. While my Type A personality means I’ve always been inclined to plan and organize, I didn’t always have a budget process that I enjoyed, or even found very effective.

During some periods in my life, I didn’t have a fine-tuned, documented budget. Other periods were filled with trial and error as I experimented with various budget methods. Now, I have a system that works super well for me and helps me make progress on the path to accomplish my financial goals.

But that doesn’t mean that I have everything figured out, or that I have become immune to mistakes or errors. While intentionality is everything when it comes to a budget, slip-ups happen on occasion for everyone, whether with spending or with accounting. Over the years, I’ve learned that even an imperfect commitment to a budget is far more valuable than none at all.


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