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If you’ve ever been to a live theatrical production, you know the thrill of hearing the first sounds arise from the orchestra pit. Whether dramatic or playful, the music serves as an introduction to the show, carrying with it a rush of anticipation for what is to come. By the time the curtains open and the first actors appear onstage, you’re already enraptured.

Overtures feel like the perfect accompaniment to the season we’re in right now. We’ve officially turned the corner into spring, and even if it’s still chilly where you live, you know that warmer weather lies ahead, bringing with it green grass, bountiful blossoms, and a sense of renewal.

More significantly, the end of the pandemic also seems to be in sight. Vaccines are rolling out, restrictions are being eased, and we are ever so slowly being reunited with life that looks a bit more “normal.” We’re not there yet, but it finally feels like there’s something within reach to be excited about, and maybe even plan for a little.

May these orchestral tunes carry you through these days of anticipation with the hope underscoring Annie, the warmth of Hello, Dolly!, and the imagination of Man of La Mancha.