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When life feels busy—as it so often does—it’s easy to put our personal health on auto-pilot.

Sure, we show up for our doctors’ appointments, we eat healthy-ish, we exercise regularly (or try to), and practice routines that nourish our mental health. But how often, outside of a medical condition or pregnancy, are we paying attention to what our health is telling us about ourselves?

At the risk of sounding trite, our bodies are truly wondrous gifts that do so much to sustain us—and often without much conscious thought and effort from us. But this week at Verily, we’re challenging ourselves to pay closer attention to our bodies and health as a tool of self-discovery—as a way to be more intentional with our health and learn more about what our bodies need.

One piece recommends attending your annual well-woman exam at your gynecologist office as a way to learn more about your period health—regardless of whether or not you’re sexually active, pregnant, or experiencing abnormalities. Another piece examines the general principles of intuitive eating and how to apply them with balance and nutrition in mind. A longform article explores why women, especially pregnant women, are often treated differently or excluded from vaccine studies and what that means for women’s decision-making in their health. Lastly, another piece explores adopting a growth mindset in motherhood, and how it can help women’s mental health as they care for the lives of those entrusted to them.

Reflect with us. When is a time that a doctor’s appointment or a physical or mental health condition helped you understand yourself better? Let us know here.