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Many of us in the United States are experiencing the transition from winter to spring. The outside temperature can fluctuate from warm and sunny to cold and rainy in a matter of hours; now that we’re in Daylight Savings Time, it’s lighter longer in the day, but we might be still a little fatigued from losing an hour of sleep.

The mix of confusing weather and time change force us to pay closer attention to details like what we need to wear and what time it actually is—a little reminder to be more intentional about our daily routines, and make changes as necessary.

Which is why we thought it’d be a great week to talk about the importance of checking in with yourself and taking note of what is working in your life and what needs a tweak. A long-form essay will identify how to know if a life change (like a new job, city, or relationship) is working for you. Another piece offers tips for reflecting on and refining your self-care routines to support your mental, physical, and spiritual health. And look out for an article about etiquette and manners and how they support our expression of our personality, rather than stifling of it.

We’d love to discuss all of this with you, too. What are the signs in your life that something (like a job, a city, a relationship, or a new routine) isn’t working for you? Or what is your favorite way to take time to check in with yourself (journal, go for a run, talk with a trusted loved one)? Join the conversation here.