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Sometimes a new thing can feel intimidating: the first day on a new job, for example, or unpacking and getting settled in a new home. But getting to that new thing can itself be quite difficult—like applying for jobs or scrolling through listing after listing of available rental units.

Last week we talked about being present in our daily lives, so we can make changes where we need to or evaluate how well a recent decision is working for us. This week at Verily, we’re focusing on transitions—the process of change itself.

In our Dating Unscripted column, one woman describes the experience of bringing an online relationship into real, offscreen life. A mother recounts what she learned from moving to Manhattan while nine months pregnant. And this week’s edition of Verily Cents explains two methods to begin the journey to get out of debt. (Note: We’ll also be taking a short pre-Easter break later in the week.)

As always, we’d love to hear from you. What do you like or dislike about transitions? What have you learned from the transitions you’ve experienced? Tell us here