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Delicious and nostalgic smells, good conversation, anticipation of a meal soon to be shared with people you love—it’s no wonder the kitchen is considered the heart of the home.

As we’ve previously discussed in the context of the living room and bedroom, color has a profound effect on us. This week, we will explore color theory—the psychology of color—in the kitchen, including how color can induce appetite and aid digestion. We’ll also provide inspiration for pieces to incorporate when designing a beautiful, functional kitchen—one that is personal and truly feels like the heart of your home.


Yellow incites energy, increases metabolism, and promotes feelings of warmth. When we see yellow, our brain associates it with thoughts of a cheery, sunshine-y day or a piece of zesty fresh citrus. It also happens to be one of two Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year. I would imagine it was chosen for its positivity and warmth—qualities we are all hoping this new year will bring. 


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