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Different seasons of life can require different time management strategies. What works in an office setting may not work well when working from home. When you transition between jobs, you may discover that a tip that served you well at your last job may not transfer well to your new one. Or, there may be old strategies we’ve left behind unintentionally, and getting reacquainted with them would serve us well again now. 

Whatever the case may be, reflecting on time management tips—whether familiar or new—can help boost our motivation and productivity. Here, we offer you a roundup of our favorite time management tools.

One-minute rule

If you have a lot of short tasks that tend to pile up, the one-minute trick may work for you. Although I usually apply it to household tasks, it can be adapted to work tasks, too. Basically, the rule helps you to execute short, “one-minute” tasks that you’d normally put off for later: you do them immediately, as they occur, instead. For example, if you find out you need to schedule a meeting, set a date for it right away, rather than adding “schedule meeting” to your to-do list. 

The caveat here is that you don’t stop something you are already doing to take care of a one-minute task. For example, you wouldn’t stop working on your presentation to answer a quick email—that interruption would slow your progress, rather than helping boost your productivity.

Single tasking 


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