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While winter can be a magical season, it can also bring about an overall sense of dreariness and daily doldrums, especially during the workday. When the beautiful colors of fall have given way to the gray and white of the winter months, just leaving a warm bed in the mornings can be a struggle, much less focusing throughout an eight-hour workday.

Because the sun sets so much earlier, it can feel like you’re working longer hours and missing evening activities. You might be less motivated to work at a steady pace when you have only pitch blackness to greet you by the time you initiate your close-of-day shutdown. Add fewer social engagements to the mix, coupled with less time outdoors in nature, and it’s no surprise that we end up feeling weary and our productivity levels dip.

For some, the winter blues can even lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that occurs on a seasonal basis. Some findings suggest that people with SAD have lower serotonin levels in winter and overproduce melatonin, which disrupts normal daily rhythms. SAD can be treated by a health care provider or mental health specialist.

If you’re prone to just a mild case of seasonal malaise, there are several steps you can take to ameliorate the negative effects of the winter season, like a lack of focus, lack of energy, and general sadness.

To help lift your spirits and combat the winter blues at work, try these tips and tricks.


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