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The reality of the world we live in is that electronics and cords are in just about every room in our homes. This can not only lead to confusion about the whereabouts of lost items (is anyone else always asking, “Who took my charger?”), but can also make for a bit of an eyesore with all those white, black, and gray cables, cords, and blinking boxes. 

But electronic disarray doesn’t have to be our reality just because we live in a digital era. There are aesthetically pleasing ways to organize your electronics (and all that goes with them), as well as plenty of sneaky ways to tuck these items away in plain sight.

Hiding TV cords

One tricky thing about my home is that there is nowhere to put a TV in our living room other than above the mantel. This meant we had three options: have exposed cords, pay an electrician to drill into the wall and run the cords inside the wall, or find a creative and cute way to cover them up. Taking some inspiration from Joanna Gaines, I decided to try the third option. We put a faux eucalyptus garland atop the mantel to cover up the electronic black boxes beneath the TV, and then used frames on the sides to cover up the cords.


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