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Loaf Pan Lasagna

Source: Food Network | Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes | Serves: 2 per loaf pan (makes 3 loaf pans)

Notes: Homemade lasagna is a bit of a project, and this recipe is no exception. But this recipe is great because the ingredients are divided between three loaf pans, so you don’t get stuck with tons of leftovers, and you’re doing up-front work for multiple meals. It says each loaf pan serves two, but they’re piled high, and the noodles are layered pretty thick, so we got about three servings out of each loaf pan. You could also probably stretch the ingredients to fill four loaf pans, slightly less full. Also, the meat sauce in this recipe is amazing—I’m seriously considering using it as my go-to sauce for spaghetti nights.

– Kellie Moore

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