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During the colder months, spending more time indoors and retreating into cozier activities at home can pave the way for all sorts of leisure activities—baking, crafting, reading, and so on.

In the evening, you might delight in a book to unwind and destress. You may even enjoy waking up to a good read. Or, if you’re like me, you turn to a historical fiction novel during your lunch break to regain energy in the middle of the workday. If you delight in New Year’s resolutions, perhaps you even set a reading goal.

Whether or not you’ve already planned out a set of reads in your favorite genre to enjoy this winter season, making a little room for a few career-related recommendations could have plenty of positive effects. It could increase your motivation when you feel the winter blues coming on at work, reinforce the skills you’ve been working on, and help you crystallize professional goals for the new year.

Check out these recommendations to add to your lineup:

01. Atomic Habits // James Clear

About: In my workplace, Atomic Habits is on the short list of titles that get tossed around frequently. Clear is magnificent at making his points directly and succinctly with no extra fluff. His insights about habit formation, behavior change, and incremental progress are easy to digest and his tactics simple to implement.

Apply: Use Clear’s science-based framework to help you ditch bad habits at work, adopt new ones that fuel your growth, and overcome a lack of willpower. If you struggle with changing your habits, you need to recreate the system you have in place—and Clear gives you the tools to do so.


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