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Brene Brown’s first foray into fame began with a TED talk about vulnerability. Using her research and stories, she argued that our culture struggles with vulnerability. Quite surprisingly to her, it gained millions of views seemingly overnight, and for good reason. 

In a relationship culture plagued by divorce, ghosting, casual sexual encounters, and many romantic encounters that start or end with a swipe of the finger, vulnerability can be very uncomfortable for many of us. Brown says we numb our fear of vulnerability through stimuli like alcohol, food, social media scrolls, or other addictions. But I’ve found a better, a bit healthier stimuli that doesn’t numb but instead motivates me. When I’m heading into a setting I know will require vulnerability that makes me uncomfortable, a good pep song can give me the dose of courage I need to step out in confidence. 

This playlist has some of the songs I’ve come to find helpful. You’ll notice that Kelly Clarkson has a bit of an outsized presence on this playlist. This is because many of her songs express her own desire to overcome the trust issues she developed as a result of her parents’ divorce when she was only six. Her personal story has made her music all the more relatable for many women who desire to feel understood in their struggles to trust others but who also desire to be courageous in their relationships. 

Do you have recommendations for songs about overcoming fear of vulnerability and trust? Let us know here so we can add it to the playlist!