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If you’re lucky, you may have a favorite artist or band that has carried you through many years of your life, in moments big and small: difficult winters and joyful summers, long commutes and longer work days, workouts and washing dishes. For me, that such person is Regina Spektor.

First introduced to me when I was in high school, she’s been there for me through thick and thin. And unlike many other artists I love, whose more recent albums can never seem to match their earlier genius, Regina seems only to get better with time. Remember Us to Life, her 2016 release, is my favorite album yet.

So allow me to introduce to you the clear voice, powerful piano, and whimsical weirdness of my favorite singer-songwriter, whose offbeat-yet-charming melodies and piano- and strings-driven instrumentation put her somewhere in the “indie pop” genre. This playlist features hits and deep cuts alike (as well as one cover with Ben Folds from The Hamilton Mixtape). Enjoy.