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It’s fun to experiment with different looks or cuts, especially when you’re looking forward to a fresh start.

These videos feature both amateurs and hair professionals, because they can both teach us new techniques for our hair. It’s fun to learn from bloggers who are not actually hair professionals, especially if you have a similar hair type, since they live with the same kind of hair you do and may have some unconventional tips that are not technically “best practices” but still work well. (For example, model/designer Alexa Chung and I have thin, fine hair, and we have both found that not combing it—ever—works really well for us, though it may scandalize our older relatives.)

On the other hand, professional hair stylists explain in detail why they recommend certain techniques and how those techniques work. This is helpful for those of us who might look for shortcuts in our routine, only to discover that that small detail we’re leaving out is actually one of the most important techniques for achieving our look.

These styling videos for short hair cover pixies to lobs, as well as different textures and varieties of hair. Whether you’re going for a polished, no-hair-out-of-place blowout, or a messy, beachy vibe, there’s a way to achieve it with good styling products and tips from both amateurs and hair professionals.


Looking for a super quick style? Ava Elizabeth runs through her everyday tousled look, using a volume spray, molding cream, and a quick blow dry. After using the spray, she blow dries the roots at the top to get more volume, then adds the molding cream for texture.

If, unlike hers, your hair is fine and flat, you may want to skip combing it out. While your hair is still damp, you can scrunch it with a towel and finger-comb it for any major knots. (If your hair is very fine, like mine, you can also back-comb it, or rub the towel over it to tease some volume into it.) Then blow dry, add molding cream or putty, and top it off with a strong-hold hairspray.

For curly hair, you may need to break your hair routine into two parts to allow time for the foaming cream to dry. Lorissa Nelson starts with 100 percent argan oil, which she says is lightweight and doesn’t weigh her hair down. Then, she covers her hair with foaming cream, uses a comb to shape it, and dries it. After drying, she curls it with a flat iron and finishes it off by going through it with her comb and fingers.

Grown-Out Pixie

After enjoying short hair for a while, you may want to go back to a longer length. (Or maybe you bounce back and forth between pixies and bobs.) The half-grown-out stage can be difficult to style, since it’s an awkward, in-between length, and some sections can grow out faster than others, resulting in unintentional mullet situations.

In this video, Vanessa Monae shows four ways she styles her long-ish pixie. First, she uses a flat-iron to straighten her hair into spikey bangs for what she calls the “tough girl look,” which I like because it reminds me of the early 2000s. She also uses the flat-iron to create gentle curls on top that have a bit of a retro, Marilyn Monroe look.

Lauren suggests three looks that don’t involve any heat styling—just hair accessories. These are great everyday looks for when you are leaving the house in a hurry or just have other, more important things to spend time on.

Lauren likes to part her hair on the side and twist the hair backwards and away from her face. She pins the hair behind her ears with bobby pins. Lauren also suggests wearing a headband, but teasing your hair first to create a bit of a bouffant look. This is a great tip if your hair doesn’t have a lot of natural volume, because headbands can sometimes flatten your hair down completely, especially if the headband is thicker. Teasing your hair first to create volume fixes this issue. (Wish I had thought of this a few years ago!)

Short Bob

Gabrielle sports a very short, wavy bob that she shows how to style in two ways. First, for her quick style, she blow-dries her hair and then uses a flat iron to curl the bottoms in for a “1920s bob look.” I love this classic look, as well as how easy it is for Gabrielle to achieve with her mini straightener; she’s just smoothing down the hair and curling it inward a bit. When she has more time to spend on her hair, she also curls her hair in opposite directions with a one-inch curling iron and then combs through it with her fingers.

Messy Bob

For a slightly longer, messy wavy bob, Chancy Cone likes to blow-dry Ouai wave spray into her hair because it acts as a volumizer. A professional hair styling tip she shares is that “heating your hair up is just as important as letting it cool down in that shape.” She explains that if you blow dry your hair upside down for extra volume, you also need to let your hair hang there for a few minutes afterwards so it can cool standing away from your scalp. If you flip right-side-up too early, your hair will still be hot and will cool in a flatter shape that you want it. What a great tip!

Sazan has a longer, naturally curly bob with dry hair that has had some damage, so she adds a number of products to help keep her hair healthy. She starts with Miracle Leave-In Keratin, Aveda styling cream, and dpHue argan oil. For naturally curly hair, Sazan recommends using a diffuser on your blow dryer to “massage” your hair rather than combing through it. She says this will dry your hair while keeping its natural curls. Because she wants a really polished look, she also uses a small curling iron to fix a few of the straighter strands by her face and on top of her head. I think you could also skip this part to save some time. While it does look more polished after she fixes a few strands, it’s not that noticeable a difference.


In Laura’s video, she shows four easy styles for a lob. My favorite is what she calls the “easy-peasy half-up,” because it looks so simple and so chic. One of her secrets to making the half-up look more elegant is to tease the back for a small bouffant. The other secret is to twist individual sections of hair back and pin with bobby pins (instead of pulling back half the hair all at once and using a rubber band). I love how elegant and easy this is, because one of the joys of short hair is faster styling!

Jen shows two styles, starting from clean air-dried hair. For the first look, she styles her hair with no heat, just products and her fingers for a tousled, beachy look. She already has some wavy pieces, but likes to get more texture by spraying with Schwartzkopf salt spray and twisting pieces around her fingers. Then, she scrunches larger sections in her fists. To get more volume on top, she sprinkles Schwarzkopf mattifying powder on her roots and then pushes the hair up, working the powder into her roots.

With short hair, it’s easy to get an easy, carefree vibe, but you can also spend more time styling to achieve an elegant, polished look as well. I hope these hair tutorials inspire you to try something new in 2021, whether it’s a new style or a just a different technique.