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When we think of a centerpiece, an image of a floral bouquet arranged in a vase probably comes to mind for many of us. But centerpieces can include far more than flowers. Greenery, succulents, pine cones, or anything botanical (real or faux) may be the obvious, as well as candles with candlesticks or votives of various textures, colors, and sizes.

But centerpieces aren’t limited to just flowers and candles. Think edible—fruit, vegetables, even candy and baked goods! Additionally, centerpieces need not be limited to things that look alive or can be consumed—ornaments, decorative balls, art supplies, even sports equipment can be used in the right settings.

Centerpieces need not be reserved for holidays or special occasions; there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your everyday decor. When designing a centerpiece, there is abundant room for creativity—but if you struggle with creativity, there are also plenty of easy, no-fail centerpiece solutions. Here are some helpful guidelines that will help you create a centerpiece that’s pleasing to the eye and simple to arrange.


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