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When it comes to coziness, the experience of sitting by a crackling fire is unparalleled. Whether your companions are family and friends or a good book and a cup of tea, there’s a warmth beyond that of the flames. Its inviting glow and soothing sounds create an ambiance all their own.

Of course, not all of us are fortunate enough to have a fireplace. Still, there are some cozy, joyful touches we can add to our homes that will create a fireside atmosphere, perhaps inspiring us to slow down and linger a little longer in each moment.

Here are some ideas for creating that fireside feel using details that will delight all five senses—no fireplace required.



In many ways, it’s all about the lighting. When the sun goes down at dinnertime (or well before), leaning into the darkness—rather than trying to replace it with too many bright indoor lights—can create a sense of calm, slowness, and cozy hibernation.

One way to start is to create, well, a fireplace. With your TV or computer, turn on a fireplace video (and there are many, from Netflix to DVDs to free options on YouTube) and enjoy the flickering light. If you’re willing to invest a little more, consider a stove: this one by Duraflame mimics a burning log (and is safe to touch even when it’s heating up your room).

But you don’t need a fireplace simulation to create the same effect. 


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