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Taco Crunch Ring

Source: Sweet and Savory | Total Time: 1 hour | Serves: 6

Notes: At our house, we call this recipe “taco cake”: it’s taco ingredients cooked in a Bundt cake pan! It’s not hard to put together, but there are a few important notes. First, the tortilla strips: when placing them, be sure to save enough for the layers and the top (which becomes the bottom when you take the taco ring out of the pan). You’ll cut the tortillas into four strips, and for me, it worked well to use the strips cut from the center of the tortillas as the foundation of the taco ring and save the edge strips for the rest.

As for the seasoning, I did a double-take when I saw the recipe called for 2 Tbsp of cayenne pepper (yikes!), so I skipped her seasoning blend and just used a packet of taco seasoning (the packet said to add water when stirring the seasoning in with the meat, but I skipped that to prevent sogginess). I also skipped the jalepeños—the beauty of this filling is that you can really do what you want with it! There’s no cook time written, but the video says to cook it for 45 minutes; I did 35, and it worked well. Next time, I would skip the chips.

– Kellie Moore

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