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While Christmas is often thought of as a time to enjoy with loved ones, that is unfortunately not the reality for many in the workforce. Some have to work on holidays, while for others, the Christmas season is their busy time of year. Others may have to face emotionally heavy situations as part of their jobs, while others carry personal burdens that can make working this time of year especially difficult. Whatever the case may be, working in the holiday season is not always as joyful and easy as a Hallmark movie would have one believe.

While dealing with the logistics of your particular holiday-work situation may be simple, the emotional baggage it leaves you with may not be. While it is normal to have emotional reactions to situations that are not ideal, they can get in the way of your job if not dealt with appropriately—or at all.

Below you’ll find various work scenarios that occur around the holidays and how to manage them so they don’t get in the way of doing your job well.

If you have to work on Christmas (or another holiday)


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