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Like nearly everything else in 2020, the winter is expected to be different than normal. We’ll hopefully brave the outdoors a bit more, but quarantine has also fostered an appreciation for comforting, cozy indoor activities that help us to relax (remember our collective bread-baking last spring?). And what better way to relax than to remember some of our favorite things from childhood?!

Here are five gifts that capture that cozy, relaxing feeling and that also will foster some nostalgia for the lucky recipient (heck, maybe you’ll use your holiday bonus or gift money to purchase from this list yourself—I won’t judge!).

01. Sparkly gel pens and coloring books

Who among us had grade school teachers specify that homework needed to be completed in black or blue ballpoint ink only, because they were tired of grading assignments completed in sparkly pink or purple gel ink? We loved those gel pens, and today, we love to color with them!

This glitter pen pack comes with 48 colors and 48 ink refills, as well as a handy zip case to store them—all for $19.99. We’ve also rounded up a few coloring books with single-side pages, so the ink doesn’t bleed through the pages.

This gift is perfect for a girlfriend or sister who would love to reminisce about grade school glitter pens, while coloring her way to relaxation!

adult coloring

Glitter pen pack $19.99 // Calm and Cozy coloring book $7.99 // Christmas: Simple, Relaxing Festive Scenes coloring book $6.99 // Home Sweet Home Coloring Book $5.49 // 100 Flowers coloring book $9.99

02. Little Women movie or book (or both!)

I know I don’t need to convince you of the enjoyment of this story—but indulge me for a minute. Whether you’re gifting the Winona Ryder 1994 classic or Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation, the costumes, the cinematography, the score, and the story all make for a nostalgic experience that will fuel cozy feelings all night long. If your loved one is more of a reader, perhaps give her a beautifully designed edition of Louisa May Alcott’s classic—like this Puffin in Bloom edition.

little women

Winona Ryder 1994 Little Women DVD $8.99 // Greta Gerwig 2019 Little Women DVD $12.96 // Little Women book Puffin in Bloom edition $11.99

03. Darling Magazine or Rifle Paper Co. puzzles

Puzzles are a holiday family tradition in my childhood home, and after talking with a number of friends, I’ve learned my family is not alone in this tradition. Most Thanksgivings or Christmases there is a thousand piece puzzle set up on a card table in the living room. Its setup allows for a relaxing break from cooking, easy conversation, and in my family, even a little competition as we lament someone else finding that elusive piece we’d been keeping our focus on securing or the coveted last few pieces of the puzzle. Inevitably, when the holiday season has passed, I find myself reminiscing about working on a puzzle with my family.

This year Darling Magazine and Rifle Paper Co released beautiful puzzles that are perfect for weeknight unwinding. At 500 pieces per puzzle, they take up minimal space and are manageable if only one or two people are working on it. Also, if tablespace is limited, this felt mat and inflatable tube allows for easy roll up and storage while the puzzle remains a work in progress.


Childlike Wonder puzzle by Darling $30.00 // Better Together puzzle by Darling $30.00 // Greater Things Ahead puzzle by Darling $30.00 // Rifle Paper Co. puzzle (5 designs to choose from) $34.00

04. Disney+ year-long subscription

If I’m being honest, there’s been more than one occasion when watching a Disney movie with my nieces that I’ve been more into it than they are in the moment. In fact, they talked through so much of Frozen 2 that I had to go rewatch it myself alone (and embarrassingly, I teared up just a little bit). I haven’t taken the financial plunge to get a Disney+ subscription, but if someone gifted me one, I certainly wouldn’t complain—so I included it here.

For new subscribers only, a year long gift subscription is only $69.99. While that price might be a bit more than you’d typically spend on a gift, it’s certainly worth the money for the extensive amount of Disney titles your loved one will have access to. Consider collaborating with a few friends to give it to a mutual friend (and perhaps you can suggest she invites you all over for Disney themed girl nights!).


Disney+ year-long subscription $69.99

05. All Along You Were Blooming: Thoughts for Boundless Living (2020) by Morgan Harper Nichols

If you’re one of Morgan Harper Nichols’s 1.6 million followers on Instagram, then you know that her poetry and art has a way of inspiring reflection and peace about who we are and where we are, right now in our lives. All Along You Were Blooming captures some of the beautiful art and prose she produces in a hardcover book perfect for a nightstand or coffee table.

“A celebration of hope. An encounter with grace. A restoration of the heart. A healing of wounds. An anthem of freedom,” the product description reads. The book can be purchased wherever you can buy books, but we recommend buying directly from Morgan’s site, if you can, since it will directly support her (and because each book bought from her site comes signed by Morgan Harper Nichols!). 


All Along You Were Blooming: Thoughts for Boundless Living book by Morgan Harper Nichols $14.99