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Most of us can probably recognize the burnt-out feeling that comes with a long day, week, or even season at work. We may even be intimately familiar with the symptoms: exhaustion, alienation from our usual activities, and reduced performance, all brought on by workplace stress.

What we might be less familiar with is a good, reliable way to get ourselves out of those feelings when we need to. Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves how to truly rest and recover well, so we can be in a good position to do good things when the time once again arises.

The importance of recovering well from work

Frequently, we find ourselves in a go-go-go mental headspace. We wake up and prepare for the day. We complete project after project at work, then come home, make dinner, do home maintenance, and go to bed. And it all begins again.

Sometimes, we might find a minute or two to work on a hobby, check out with a book or a movie, or spend time with someone we love. Sometimes, we don’t—because that often doesn’t feel like a priority.

But as humans, we aren’t built to go-go-go all of the time. We need respite. We need recovery. Even if we don’t think about it quite like this, we need to build time into our schedules (and our mindsets!) to “recover” from work. It’s important not only for our current well-being, but also our future productivity.


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