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This Thanksgiving may look different than most. We may not be able to travel to see loved ones or look forward to the large gatherings that have marked past Novembers. The spread on the table may be simpler, whether out of financial hardship or because we’re simply serving far fewer people.

Given these differences, and all the other struggles that have been part of 2020, it seems fitting that perhaps the Thanksgiving table, usually decked with cornucopias, candlelight, and golden hued leaves, might do better to focus on the people sitting around it than the decor itself. Below are a few ideas for creating a beautiful, simple table that highlights gratitude for the people gathered there, no matter how many or how few that may be.

01. Placemats

Rather than using traditional placemats, consider making the foundation of the place setting interactive by giving people a space to write down what they are grateful for. This hands-on exercise allows the reflection on gratitude to start before the turkey is even on the table, and to linger long after the pie plates have been cleared. 


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