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People in my neighborhood love decorating for the holidays. At the house on the corner, no sooner had the inflatable Halloween dragon been taken down than an inflatable turkey took its place. Ghosts have been replaced with scarecrows. And a couple of houses already boast Christmas light displays.

It’s not lost on us here at Verily how the holidays are a beacon of hope and comfort for many of us during a difficult year. And so, just as many of you are perhaps decorating or shopping earlier, we’re starting to publish some of our holiday content a little earlier, too—both our free content and also our Verily Yours member content.

A few weeks ago, we published one of our first holiday pieces: an edition of Verily Home about creating a Thanksgiving tablescape focused on the people who are present, however many or few that might be this year.

In this week’s edition of Verily Work, associate editor Mary Rose Somarriba shares what she learned from a conversation with time-management expert Laura Vanderkam about building slack into our schedules for holidays. Verily Home this week will be about cultivating contentment with the space you have—a timely message as we approach Thanksgiving. We’ll also have a special edition of Verily Table that’s focused on appetizers for holiday gatherings. In the coming weeks, we’ll also have a Christmas cookie roundup and an edition of side dishes for holiday meals.

Next month in Verily Home, we’ll be sharing different takes on decorating a Christmas tree, with the idea that every tree tells a story: it’s not about perfection, but rather, embracing whatever chapter of life you’re in. We also have a piece about creating a fireside feel—even if you don’t have a fireplace—adding cozy touches that will last through Christmas and beyond.

At Verily Work, we have upcoming pieces on alternatives to Secret Santa, so you can find a way to celebrate that’s truly a good fit for your workplace. In another piece, therapist Kelsey Chun will talk about Christmas complications related to work—for instance, those times when you have to work on the holiday.

And if you’ve been considering changes to your family’s gift-giving traditions, keep an eye out for next week’s Verily Cents, all about relaxing our approach to receiving, and what to think about as you approach some potentially difficult conversations.

If these topics sound enticing to you, and you’re not a Verily Yours member yet, we invite you to start your free one-month trial. As a member, not only will you have new editions delivered straight to your inbox, but you’ll also have access to our members site, the Verily Yours Collection, which houses all of our archives (nearly two years’ worth of content). You can even save your favorite editions—along with your favorite curated recipes and podcasts from Verily Table—to your own personal collection.

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We can’t run Verily without you; we wouldn’t want to even if we could. And all of us wish you a joyous holiday season.