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I am a huge advocate for owning multiple copies of your favorite book. That way, you always have an extra one on hand to lend out, throw into your purse, and mark up with annotations while still giving pride of place to your favorite edition on your bookshelf. Collector’s editions of the classics can double as decorations and make for thoughtful gifts for friends. If you too lust after specially bound and illustrated books, check out some of these special collections!

No. 1: Penguin Clothbound Classics

My personal favorite, this clothbound collection features embossed motifs for all of your favorite classic books. The pattern is usually a reference to the book—like scissors to commemorate Jo’s chopped hair in Little Women or knitting needles to recall Madame Defarge’s handiwork in A Tale of Two Cities. I think it would be sweet to give a loved one a different book from this collection every year. (I’m thinking of treating myself to a Jane Austen novel once a year, in fact!)

No. 2: The Puffin in Bloom Collection with Rifle Paper Co.

These charming editions feature colorful florals and sweet little faces, making them the perfect editions to introduce young girls to titles like The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. The mini books allow you to carry around some of these treasured books in your pocket and in lieu of your phone. Did I mention there’s apparel, too? 

No 3: Penguin F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection

I purchased this edition of The Great Gatsby at Shakespeare Co. in Paris, since none other than Fitzgerald himself used to write there. The shiny, art deco covers really capture the 1920’s. The spines will really sparkle on your bookshelf! 

No. 4: Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions

These editions often go on sale in-store, and they are some of the most affordable and attractive hardback editions out there. My sister owns the collected works of Jane Austen, and I have been drooling over the lately released anniversary edition of Little Women! An added bonus is that B&N carries some more modern titles in this collection, like Jurassic Park and The Star Wars Trilogy

No. 5: Berylune Anne of Green Gables Series

I recently discovered this rainbow collection online, and I am in love! While it is easy to find reprinted, fancy editions of the original novel, this collection includes all of the sequels to Anne of Green Gables. This pastel, clothbound set would be a great upgrade from bargain editions of L.M. Montgomery’s works. 

No. 6: Chiltern Classic Hardbacks

These moody, dark hardbacks are especially fitting for authors like the Brontë sisters and Mary Shelley. The publishing company is releasing new titles every year, so stay tuned if you want to collect a complete set!

No. 7: Juniper Books Jackets

No need to repurchase your favorite books: Choose among dozens of themed dust jackets to refresh, protect, and display your favorite titles. This company makes a wide range of themed jackets for series old and new. I am especially fond of their Lord of the Rings collection and their personalized modern monogram sets. Did I mention they have multiple kinds of Harry Potter jackets? Even better, you can order a custom dust jacket set, including for books you already own. A custom order may not exactly be cheap, but it would make a great group gift for your favorite bibliophile, who I am sure would appreciate owning a one-of-a-kind set.