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Acclaimed author Napoleon Hill wrote, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” For many women, owning a home is an element of their long-term life plan, even if they’re not yet sure how far into the future they expect that particular dream to come to fruition.

Turning the dream of home ownership into a realistic goal in today’s financial climate can seem challenging, to say the least. Not only does purchasing a home typically involve saving thousands of dollars and committing to monthly mortgage payments for years, but the process itself can be intimidating. Lots of paperwork, lots of signatures, lots of possibilities and unknowns to consider.

Once you understand the process, though, you may see that it’s possible to make that dream a reality sooner than you might have thought. We asked experts on real estate and personal finance for the real deal on down payments, mortgages, and securing the realtor who can help you find your home sweet home.

Down payments


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