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Amid all the chaos 2020 has wrought, many of us are desperately seeking a fast-forward button. New Year’s Eve may well be the most anticipated event of the year.

But it isn’t too late to make wonderful new memories in these next few months—ones that we’ll later regard not simply as the silver linings of bad circumstances, but as joyous times in their own right. Fall is upon us; the holidays are coming; the sun still rises every morning. There’s a lot to look forward to before January 1.

This week at Verily, we’re taking what we’re calling an October breather. We’re pressing “pause” to think about what we can do now to set a better tone for the remainder of the year—whether by getting a head start on Christmas shopping, by giving our homes a deep clean, or by investing in new forms of leisure. Rest, we’ve found, often requires preparation.

To that end, we’ve mined our archives for helpful, hopeful content—which we’ll be sending in our daily email and sharing on our social channels—while we take a break from publishing. We’ll be back with new articles on Monday, October 12. 

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