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For many people, seasonal dressing is a fun way to embrace the passage of time and celebrate the changing seasons. And that is a great attitude to have: after all, time will pass and seasons will change regardless of what we do, so why not find a way to celebrate it? However, dressing for the season—any season—can pose challenges if we don’t really like the colors associated with that season, or they don’t look great on us.

A super easy way to autumnize a colorful wardrobe is to throw on a camel-colored or leopard-print jacket, which can make almost anything look fall-ready. Since many of us see brown as shorthand for “fall,” this is an easy way to continue getting wears out of your bright spring and summer wardrobe in October. Just a touch of camel adds enough muted warmth to reflect the changes in the leaves. Try layering with a camel blazer, trench coat, peacoat, or leather or wool jacket, depending on how much warmth you need.

Try some of these pairings to autumnize your wardrobe with just one camel blazer or trench. (If camel is not your color, either, here is a guide for dressing for autumn without it!)

Bright red + camel

Maroon, burgundy, and wines are the reds we most often associate with fall, but leaves can turn bright red, too!

(Camel coat over high-waisted red pants and a sharp black-and-white striped blazer.)

(Camel coat with fire-engine red pants and nude heels.)

(A red blouse and jeans autumnized with the camel coat.)

Orange + camel

While we may think of burnt orange as being the more autumnal shade, you can still use bright orange with a camel coat to evoke the pumpkin-spice look. (After all, fresh pumpkins are a very bright orange!) Camel works well, here, because it is not a summery neutral, nor is it black. Orange and black can look more Halloween-y, which is not always the vibe I want (even if it is my favorite holiday!)

(Of course, all three of these—orange, camel, and leopard—go together well, too!)

(Why not mix camel with both red and orange, as Anna Wintour has here?)

Yellow + camel

Camel is a great muted neutral to pair with yellow; the light brown feels autumnal and isn’t so dark that it creates a harsh contrast. (Black and yellow combinations have the potential to look bumble-bee-ish, especially if stripes are involved.) Instead, camel or leopard print create a soft, warm palette that is feminine in an unconventional way.

(This lovely lemon-y yellow is ready for fall with a long trench. Check out the fun yellow-patterned accessories she has added, too!)

(A wool camel coat over two-toned yellow in lemon and neon.)

(Yellow and camel can be worn with similar-colored pants, but the look works well mixed with dark jeans, too.)

Green + camel

Greens for fall often encompass rich, muted colors such as olives and forest greens. But if you still have light green or Kelly-colored clothes from spring or summer that you want to get some more wear out of, they can easily look autumnal with the addition of some brown, as well.

(This gorgeous flowy skirt looks seasonless. We bet it’s breezy in the summer and pairs well with tights as the weather cools.)

(This blogger paired Kelly green with both camel and dark brown—and leopard!)

(Folake Kuye Huntoon in a leopard-print blouse and bright green pants.)

Blue + camel

In one fell swoop, a camel item can take a jeans-and-a-tee combo from summer to fall.

(Camel works just as well with warmer blues and teals, too.)

White + camel

White pants or an all-white outfit can also look fall-appropriate with camel, but the type of jacket and the weight of the fabrics is a little more important here. When autumnizing white jeans, it’s best to pair them with a long coat, rather than a short blazer. Also, aim to have one item in the ensemble that’s a heavier weight and texture. For example, the coat should be a thick wool, or the top should be a cable sweater, or the white pants should be a thicker trouser.

(This blogger contrasted summery white jeans with a slouchy turtleneck and a long, double-breasted coat.)

(This blogger wore a long jacket with a slouchy sweater and trousers!)

Camel or brown jackets have such a powerful fall feel because, like burgundy and olive green, they are also warm and muted colors. Also, because camel goes with any color, it’s a great color to chose for an investment piece and an easy way to feel on-season!