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As fall arrives, I’ve been relishing the subtle changes in the weather, and none more so than the cool, cloudy mornings dawning more frequently. Without the jarring brightness of a perky, hot sun, they feel like a merciful start to the day—and they’re even more enjoyable when paired with similarly gentle music.

This playlist spotlights Nick Drake, an English singer-songwriter who died at the age of 26 in 1974. He never achieved commercial success in his lifetime, yet his artistry has continued to gain respect and admiration in the years since his death. His music hasn’t simply aged well; it’s almost difficult to believe that it was recorded now nearly fifty years ago, so enduringly relevant and arrestingly beautiful are its style (moody, acoustic) and lyrics (wistful, wondering).

Whether you turn it on with your morning cup of coffee or while out on a walk: enjoy.